Our Story

A building can be a home to many
or a workplace for growing companies. Management, vendors, boards, and owners work together to maintain these important assets that many depend on.


Highrise AI was founded in 2019 with the understanding that the same unique software tools we built to make our own lives easier, can provide exponential value to all the stakeholders within the walls of the building.

120 +

We launched with over 120 integrated products powered by our proprietary software. From controlling the connected suite of tomorrow to entire portfolios of buildings, we’ve built our software from the ground up to agnostically control and automate devices, sensors, and sources of valuable data.

Our Team

Daniel Gottfried


Tyler Freedman


Mark Gottfried

Business Development

Howard Bogach

Board Advisor

Ori Bernstein

Board Advisor

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24/7 real-time environmental and site analytics.

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Property Management

Real-time and historical data of your most critical systems and areas.

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Enhanced loss control and granular building data.

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Portfolio Management

Improve Net Operating Income with a holistic overview of your entire portfolio.

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