Property Management

Real-time and historical data of your most critical systems and areas.

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Real-time 24/7 monitoring across your entire building

Our software controls specialized sensors in your common areas, amenities, and on your critical building systems. Our software monitors for:

Water and leak detection


Water flow and zone

Security rounds

Air quality


Occupancy and

Active incident notifications and protocols

Our intelligent chatbot can respond to all questions and inquiries directly over text message. Step-by-step procedures and protocols are digitized and sent to the right team members when incidents occur, providing  the knowledge to take swift and effective action.

Cost savings and historical optimizations with our building management dashboard.

Our software constantly analyzes sensor data for historical and abnormal trends of your building systems, monitoring for:

Data-driven system performance adjustments
Proactive maintenance before system failures
Degradation and impairment

Improved risk management and insurability

Promote a proactive loss-prevention program that insurers expect today.

Future-proofed technology

Our scalable add-on products and services can be seamlessly integrated to meet your future needs.

Integrated maintenance services

Our team installs, maintains, and remotely monitors our system.